Pre-University Programs

Pre-University Programs Offered by York University:

Bridging Course For Women
Bridging courses, for many participants, make the seemingly impossible, possible. Individuals who would not otherwise consider, or who may not have had access to university studies discover that they can develop the skills and the confidence to continue their education.

School of Continuing Studies
Continuing professional education includes certificates, advancing English language programs, academic preparation and bridging courses intended to develop skills and support students.

Internationally Educated Professionals Bridging Program
York University’s Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) is a certificate program to assist IEPs transition into a role that matches their education, credentials and work experience.

Transition Year Program (TYP)
The Transition Year Program* (TYP) at York University is a special access program for youth (19+) and adults who are passionate about attending university. TYP@York provides an opportunity to transition to university for those that have previously experienced social and financial barriers to accessing the formal education system.