Financial Aid Resources

There are many scholarships, grants and bursaries available.
The following resources can help you in research:

York University Student Financial Services

Learning to manage money through brochures developed by YUSFS to help you with financial planning for your studies at York University.

Scholarships are merit based and recognize exceptional talent/promise or academic excellence. A combination of academic excellence and financial need are the primary criteria for awards. In some instances, non-academic criteria such as community service and leadership are considered. All internal scholarships and awards appear on a student’s transcript.

Council of Educators

The Council of Educators of Toronto (CET), which aims to foster collaboration among outreach initiatives in Canadian institutions, presents various scholarships.

Monthly Guide

Thanks to the contribution of CEC member Anjana Gananathan, we are pleased to share this scholarship and bursary guide to help students find information on how to finance their post-secondary education.

In high school, Anjana created the ‘Debt-Free Graduates’, a scholarship club aimed at providing students with monthly scholarship opportunities along with strategic application advice, which succeeded in helping increase the applications to a local scholarship program by 400%!

She hopes to continue her initiatives in increasing accessibility to scholarships by sharing her guide with the CEC community. Anjana is now a student at the Schulich School of Business at York University and is pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration.

*The guide is organized by the monthly deadlines of the individual scholarships & bursaries available*