Connecting the Dots Student Orientation

 Best Practices for Jane-Finch & York University Partnerships:

This orientation session to working in Jane and Finch is based on “best practices” for engaging with the local community. The training is delivered through an arts-based approach.

Topics covered include:

  •  History of Jane-Finch
  •  Historical relationship of JP1060001ane-Finch and York University
  • Unpacking power, privilege, oppression
  • Racial profiling in the community
  • De-bunking stereotypes attached to the community
  • Unpacking messaging in the media about Jane-Finch
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Culturally relevancy
  • What does it mean to be a good ally?
  • Research vs. Extraction
  • Best practices for partnerships
  • Case studies of past partnerships
  • Establishing support systems

The training takes place over 5 x 3 hour sessions throughout the Winter Term.

This 15 hour training can be added as a co-curricular activity on transcripts, can be leveraged for course work, and adds to your portfolio for relevant professional development training.