CEC Catalyst Grants Recipient Reception

On February 12, 2015, the York U – TD CEC hosted a reception to honour the recipients of the CEC Catalyst Grants. The recipients are:

PEACH – Promoting Education and Community Health

Peach is launching an innovation hub designed to enable a positive learning experience in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math, (STEM) to stimulate the intellectual curiosity and capacity of young people in the local community. PEACH, in partnership with Lassonde School of Engineering, will develop a curriculum, workshops and establish an engineering and science team dedicated to the education and enrichment of STEM education.

Black Creek Community Farm Residents’ Council

The Black Creek Community Farm is a public initiative designed to engage, educate, and empower diverse communities through the growing and sharing of food. The Black Creek Community Farm Residents’ Council, in partnership with the Faculty of Environmental Studies, will work to document the innovative work of the Residents’ Council in order to build a unique model of Food Justice by and for racialized groups in Toronto. The project will also work to develop action research for the purpose of creating a living and historical document of the Residents’ Council Members’ experiences, political analyses, personal reflections, and visions for the future.

BRiCK by Brick

Building Resilience in Caregivers and Kids (BRiCK) is an initiative designed to improve infant and mother mental health by piloting a creative universal screening and support program that has been made for and with key Black Creek community partners. This program brings together three institutions including Black Creek Community Health Centre (BCCHC), York University, and the Jane-Finch Community Family Centre’s Ontario Early Years Centre (JFCFC-OEYC). BRiCK by Brick will support the development of this universal screening program and for the continued training of BCCHC health professionals,  JFCFC-OEYC parent coaches and York Research Assistants.

The Jane Finch Environmental Justice Project

The Jane Finch Environmental Justice Project seeks to address the numerous issues of environmental hazards embedded in the Jane Finch community through collaborative urban planning at the community level. The main feature for the Jane Finch Environmental Justice Project is a one week workshop whereby community members collaboratively develop a planning report that profiles environmental issues and forwards recommendations to the City of Toronto. The catalyst grant will assist with the production of artistic preparatory materials and video production materials in an effort to document the project messages, processes, and outcomes. This partnership is between the Jane Finch Action Against Poverty and the Faculty of Environmental Studies.

The Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy Planning Group

The TSNS Planning Group consists of community agencies, organizations and residents who have begun to document the historic under-investment in the community infrastructure of Jane and Finch. Through resident-focused groups, deeper policy and literature reviews, the grant will provide background on how other communities have overcome barriers of real or perceived scarcity of funding, with a focus on future planning initiatives. The grant to the TSNS planning group, in partnership with the City Institute, will support the enhancement of current data to equip the community with a deeper knowledge that will enable citizens to advocate for equitable distribution of resources and support.