Catalyst Grants

The Catalyst Grants are one of the ways that the York-TD Community Engagement Centre (CEC) is working to deepen University-Community partnerships in Jane Finch. These  grants awarded $25,000 among 5 partnership projects that include projects promoting access to post-secondary education, supporting community-based research and creating experiential education opportunities for students.   An Advisory committee composed of community stakeholders, York University Vice Provost and faculty are among the decision makers of grant recipients.

The CEC Mandate
The York University-TD Community Engagement Centre supports the University’s commitment to build a more engaged university by facilitating mutually-beneficial collaborations between York University and the Black Creek community.
Core Functional Areas
The CEC is a pan-university resource centre situated in the Black Creek community that:
a. Fosters academic innovation in teaching and learning through community engaged pedagogy and experiential education opportunities
b. Supports post-secondary educational attainment among community residents and the development of academic pathways
c. Enhances capacity of York faculty/students and community partners to work collaboratively on community-based research
Catalyst Grants are intended to provide start-up funding for innovative collaborations between York University and the community. Pilot projects are welcome but for those projects that plan to continue, alternate sources of ongoing funding will need to be identified. Successful projects will be provided with some initial partnership development and project coordination support from the CEC.
Eligible Applicants
The Community Engagement Catalyst Grant is designed to support a project that involves at least one community (Black Creek) partner working together with one York University partner. Partnership, for purposes of this grant, is expected to be more developed than just signing off in support of the grant. It should involve shared planning, implementation and reporting of the project.


For more information on Catalyst Grant Awards please, feel free to contact us