Catalyst Grants


The Catalyst Grants are one of the ways that the York-TD Community Engagement Centre (CEC) is working to deepen University-Community partnerships in Jane Finch. Started in 2014, we have awarded approximately $100,000 in partnership projects promoting access to post-secondary education, supporting community-based research and creating experiential education opportunities for students.  An Advisory committee composed of community stakeholders, York University Vice Provost and faculty are among the decision makers of grant recipients.


Information on past Catalyst Grants :

2014-15Project Name Project Summary
Brick by Brick A Pilot Study Building Infant for Mental Health Supports This initiative set out to improve infant and mother mental health by piloting a creative universal screening and support program that has been made for and with key Black Creek community partners.
Innovation Hub The Innovation Hub enabled the Jane-Finch community youth to experience academic disciplines and applications that would otherwise go unnoticed.
The TSNS Planning Group The TSNS Planning Group enabled the community to advocate for equitable distribution of resources and support.
Jane-Finch Environmental Justice Project This project sought to address the issues of environmental hazards embedded in the Jane-Finch community through collaborative urban planning at the community level, which is then linked to policy and decision-makers at the municipal level.
Deepening the Roots of the BCCF To innovate efforts to take ownership of Black Creek Community Farm in racialized communities. To also address racism in our food justice network.
2015-16Project Name Project Summary
STEM Pro Youth Series The goal was to create an educational outreach program that would engage Black Community youth and encourage learning in the areas of science and Engineering through a series of relevant workshops.
Creative Art Therapies to Deal with Stress and Mental Health Targeted at youth and York students from the Faculty of AMPD, workshops used various forms of creative art as a method of expression and coping.
Health, fitness and physical activity status of children (5-12) living in the Black Creek CommunityThe project aimed at providing a body of knowledge assessing body composition, muscle development and cardiovascular health measures of the target group to inform DCC Programming in the area.
International Development The project created workshops tailored to undergraduate International Development Studies and graduate Development Studies at York. It incorporated relevant aspects focusing on the multi-layered socio-economic challenges faced in the Black Creek Community.
Community Action Planning Group of York WEst (CAPG) The project aimed at organizing a design and planning workshop that would bring residents in the community together to give input to the development of the Metrolinx Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) located on prime property in the Jane Finch area.
Mediation Clinic Intensive To offer the Mediation Clinic Intensive to the Jane Finch Community at an accessible location so as to manage existing conflict and help resolve future conflicts.




Catalyst Grant Criteria

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