About Us

The York University-TD Community Engagement Centre supports the University’s commitment to build a more engaged university by facilitating mutually-beneficial collaborations between York University and the Black Creek community.

  1. Fosters academic innovation in teaching and learning through community experiential education opportunities.
  2. Supports post-secondary educational attainment among community residents and the development of academic pathway.
  3. Enhances capacity of York faculty/students and community partners to work collaboratively on community-based research.
  4. Coordinate institutional structure to respond to community requests and opportunities for university-community collaborations.

In spite of our tremendous diversity we share the belief that we should change the academic paradigm from the notion of the ivory tower to an open space for learning and development.
Talloires Network, 2011

As an engaged university, York is committed to fostering and sustaining community-university collaborations for the mutually beneficial exchange.

•  Knowledge and resources sharing
•  Building community capacity
•  Enhance learning and discovery
•  Strengthen democratic values, civic responsibility, and prepare educated, engaged citizens